Krisflyer Debit Card launch

Brief: To launch the new KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card and Account – that allows you to earn KrisFlyer miles when you spend and save.

Challenge: How do we launch a “travel-themed” debit card in a fresh way? How can we convince Millennials that they need another card?

Solution: Inspiring the target audience to want to travel first as we position the card to be your travel buddy!

End of 2016, we see Facebook deploying artificial intelligence so why not we build it onto a product’s microsite? First, it feels like your digital travel pal who “teleports” you anywhere in the world where Krisflyer covers. So we created an assisted search tool that flew visitors to the destinations of their choice. We utilised Google Maps and Google Street View to pull in real-time street view/videos and weather report to ensure dynamism and provide a rawness that has never been experienced before. So much so that the microsite will greet you in Japanese and prompt you to bring along an umbrella should you go sight-seeing in Tsukiji Market if the weather indicates rainy.
On ground, we upped the ante and immersed passers-by with Samsung Gear virtual reality headsets to teleport them to four top countries Singaporean travels to, showcasing their unique sights in seamless 360 4k and stereo sounds such as lushing waves or bustling streets.

We also conceived a key visual for the campaign that was used in print, outdoor and taxi wraps.


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