OBS – Being different, It’s part of the job

The brief: To attract more Outward Bound instructor sign-ups
The challenge:
How can we make this job appealing to today’s jobseekers?
The solution:
We do unusual things, it’s part of the job

Knowing that the public had a fixed perception of OBS being outdoor and all. It is so deeply engrained that we find it an uphill climb to try to change that hence our approach is simple, we amplify our USP by retelling the narrative but with an unexpected twist. This enabled us to showcase the distinctiveness of the job with a cheeky touch to differentiate ourselves from other recruitment ads – all while positioning OBS as a job that would check all boxes on jobseekers’ checklists. The campaign featured OOH advertising with OBS instructors in their element executing course activities with headlines that showcased a different perspective, as well as a short film showcasing the stories of three instructors and the impact the job has had on them. Media strategy ensures maximum reach to potential job seeking crowd with targeted, location sensitive touch points. Result was a very successful campaign that is top of mind, humanising the organisation with a good sense of humour and most importantly, massive sign-ups!