GERMS – We Are Singaporean NFTs

The brief: To get the web 2.0 agency into the web 3.0 space
The challenge:
Why would anyone be bothered by another NFT in the market?
The solution:
First NFT in the world with Singaporean traits to celebrate Singaporean!

Web 3.0 and the idea of NFT is here but mainly unknown to the web 2.0 audiences. As advocate of the blockchain technology, I have the vision of getting my agency ready technically while launching a successful collection. But there is a large disjoint between web 2.0 and web 3.0 audiences. How can I market and appeal this collection to everybody? Make it special in the very saturated market by paying a homage to the unique traits of Singaporean. Artwork was aimed to be easy to understand and with comical twist such as Vicks inhaler, TOTO ticket, Kaya toast as such. To wrap up the narative, we placed the launch date on the National Day of Singapore with a total number of 9,822 NFTs. This is by no mean a small collection and I do not wish for this collection to be just “another jpg” hence we held negotiations with local merchant partners to give these NFTs real-world utilities. We launched with F&B merchants around the island, wine retailers, UOB bank, INCOME insurance, gym and fitness joints and so many more. We also amplify on both web 3.0 and web 2.0 channels such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram and more. We held contest and games to give away our whitelist (guaranteed minting). In the end, the entire 9,822 NFTs was fully minted out in just 30mins. Major chaos online on the morning of launch and many first time NFT minters stayed up to wait for the launch. Overall campaign was super successful and it trended as first in the NFT space on that day. Web 3.0 communities, portals and major news channels was covering the collection launch and how meaningful and great it was to celebrate the nation’s birthday with this unique and funny collection.