INCOME – A different kind of influencers

The brief: To refresh INCOME’s Advisor Connect platform
The challenge:
To convince everyone that INCOME has younger advisors
The solution:
We present you a different type of advisors

In the current world of social media, we often looked up to key opinion leaders when we are making a purchase. So why should we shortchange ourselves when we are making a financial commitment? We positioned our Income Advisers as a different kind of INFLUENCERS – a group of young adults just like you and me, shared the same hobbies, enjoy the same sort of travel experiences but just better equipped at financial solutions. We ramped up digital communications on social media and aspirational platforms. To further maximise visibility out of home, this campaign also ran offline on taxi wraps.

All digital ads contained a unique chat box link, ensuring that the adviser you see and chose to contact is the one you get to talk to. On social, we ran ads towards specific audiences with related interests, and carousel ads that offered more contact options thus closing the gap between the customers and the advisors.